Vivipet Keep Spinning 360° Cat Toy


RRP: £9.99


This colourful set of catnip toy balls is cat-tastic! Your kitty will have hours of fun chasing these around the house.

Shining Ball Set of 3 balls contains one catnip ball, one illuminating ball, and a ball with a cute little bell in it.

*Stimulate your cat's senses with our new 360-degree toy, it spins in many directions and it comes with our illuminating toy balls to add more fun! It is made with high-quality material that is durable, easy to clean, and safe for your cat. The bottom of the base has a soft cushion to prevent any scratches on your floors. It comes with two main pieces, the rings, and the base, so it is easy to set up.


Only ball sets available. The 360-degree toy is NOT included.