ViviPet Ceramic Fat Cat Plates


RRP: £19.90


Surprise your dinner guests with this adorable Small Fat Cat Plate.

Large enough to be loaded with a couple of faces, this will be sure to impress. Thesis wants no doubt add that bit of CATitude you need at every meal-time. These plates will make great gifts for the cat-lover in your life.

Highlights: Handmade lead-free ceramic

Features: Kitty Ears

Number of Pieces: 1

Material: Ceramics

Dimensions SMALL: 1 inch (H) x 6.5 inches (W) x 8 inches (L)

Dimensions LARGE: 1.5 inches (H) x 10 inches (W) x 12 inches (L)

Color Options: Pink, Yellow, Teal, Blue, Purple, White