Necoichi ZEN Hariko Charm Cat Collar


RRP: £17.00


Upgrade your kitty’s Zen swagger with the Necoichi Zen Hariko Charm Cat Collar.

Whether he’s an indoor cuddle buddy or an outdoor adventurist―or both―this handcrafted collar is purr-fect for daily wear. It’s made from chirimen rayon―a sturdy fabric long used for kimonos―so it’s soft, durable and stylish with its unique artistic patterns. This collar also includes a gold fish charm and a safety break-away buckle clip that quickly comes undone if it gets caught, so it’s just the right accessory for furry explorers.


🐠Made with kimono-grade chirimen rayon fabric that’s soft and durable so it can stand up to daily use.

🐠Break-away clip buckle quickly comes undone if it gets caught to keep your kitty safe while exploring.

🐠Gold fish charm and knot design adds a touch of swagger and playfulness to his daily wardrobe.

🐠Adjustable design ensures a snug fit to suit your cat’s proportions, and is available in different colors.
Made in South Korea

🐠Made in South Korea


・Dimensions:3.1” x 1.6” x 0.2”
・Weight: 0.02 Pounds  
・Materials: cotton, polyester, PVC