Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Crystal Silica Unscented Longhaired Cat Litter


RRP: £29.95

Dr. Elsey's Crystal Litter is safe and healthy for your longhaired cat. It is an amorphous silica gel infused with hydrolysed herbs to draw cats to the litter box.

Crystal Litter traps urine and odor on contact and has the particle size that long haired cats prefer. It will not adhere to the cat's long fur and it will not color the coat. Each bag contains a free Litter Box Solutions Booklet.


  • Silica gel litter infused with hydrolyzed herbs draws cats to the litter box.
  • Particle size long haired cats prefer, won't adhere to or color kitty's coat.
  • Traps urine and odor on contact.
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.
  • Easy to scoop, low tracking formula

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    Package Weight

    8 Lb/3.63Kg

    Cleaning Instructions

    Pour one inch of Dr. Elsey's Crystal Litter into a clean litter box. Remove solid waste daily and rake crystals to ensure freshness. Litter does not form scoopable clumps. A single litter box filled with Dr. Elsey's Crystal Litter can handle multiple cats but we recommend using more than one litter box if you have more than one cat. Crystals may become discolored. The color does not affect the performance. One application will typically last two weeks depending upon use. After two weeks, completely dump the contents of the box and wash with mild soap and hot water. Refill with one inch of Dr. Elsey's Crystal Litter.


    Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter, as cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondii-a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as children and anyone with a weakened immune system, should avoid handling used cat litter. Always handle litter in a ventilated area to avoid inhalation. Keep contents and packaging out of reach of children and pets.Seek medical help in case of accidental ingestion.

    Transitioning Instructions

    Pour Dr. Elsey's into a clean litter box, using half as much as you would with a clay-based litter. Top off the Dr. Elsey's with the litter you are using now, mixing as you add. Give your cat time to get used to the crystal texture. Once your cat is used to the crystal texture (about one week), empty the litter box completely into the trash, and refill with Dr. Elsey's.