Boo Oh Ray Dog Harness

Boo Oh

RRP: £115.00


The Ray Harness is 100% handmade and an exclusive, utility patent-pending all-in-one design that is constructed to make your everyday routine easier.

Using a single piece of padded interwoven synthetic silk fiber rope and a series of Buttero leather features, we have designed a system that will allow you to attach and detach your pet’s harness in a fluid movement. Designed with thoughtful attention to comfort, utility, and beauty, the Ray Harness is a super chic accessory for pet owners who love to be on the go.


Obsidian Black

Pacific Blue

Camel Brown

Dark Graphite Grey


Emerald Green

Brilliant Pink

Elegant Grey


Dark Jade Green


Customized Silk Rayon Rope and Italian Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather

*All-in-one (Leash and Harness) Design Patent + Utility Patent Pending Design



NECK SIZE: 6" - 12" (15cm - 31cm)

CHEST SIZE: 8" - 14" (20cm - 35.5cm)


NECK SIZE: 10" - 16" (25cm - 40cm)

CHEST SIZE: 12" - 21" (30cm - 55cm)


NECK SIZE: 15" - 20" (38cm - 50cm)

CHEST SIZE: 20" - 28" (50cm - 70cm)


**Note: The Harness is designed to be adjustable in length but we recommend selecting a larger size if you prefer to use an extra long lead.


A | ADJUSTABLE PART’S LENGTH: MAX. 18”(46cm) - MIN. 13”(33cm)

B | FIXED PART’S LENGTH: 62"(158cm)

TOTAL LENGTH: MAX. 80”(204cm)

ROPE THICKNESS: Ø 0.315”(8mm)



A | ADJUSTABLE PART’S LENGTH: MAX. 22”(55cm) - MIN. 17”(43cm)

B | FIXED PART’S LENGTH: 67"(170cm)

TOTAL LENGTH: 89" (226cm)

ROPE THICKNESS: Ø 0.47”(12mm)



A | ADJUSTABLE PART’S LENGTH: MAX. 27”(68cm) - MIN. 21”(53cm)

B | FIXED PART’S LENGTH: 71"(180cm)

TOTAL LENGTH: 98" (249cm)

ROPE THICKNESS: Ø 0.47”(12mm)